Aloe Vera


   Aloe Vera!

To many this plant is a miracle because of its many curative, healing benefits.  The gel that fills the Aloe leaf contains vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C & E, Folic Acid & Niacin. Niacin is an important B vitamin found in foods like fish, liver & red meat & also some plant foods like carrots & beans.  It helps protect against cardiovascular disease & it also supports cognitive function in the brain, the nervous system & your digestive function. Aloe is also an anti-inflammatory & a pain inhibitor. For these reasons it’s important to get niacin into your daily diet.

  It is commonly used to treat burns, help wounds heal, protect skin Imagefrom sun burn, & much more. Its leaves contain a thick clear pulp which can be applied topically or taken as a dietary supplement.



1-Stabilises Blood Sugar Level…

by drinking Aloe Vera Juice you can lower blood sugar levels especially if you suffer with type 2 diabetes, this will stabilise blood sugar & reduce triglycerides.  To see a significant difference it is recommended that you drink the juice on a regular basis for three months.  If you suffer from peripheral neuropathy (numb hands & feet) will find this hugely beneficial.


 2- Treats constipation…

The juice of the aloe plant can be used again here for constipation as it contains natural fibres that help in the digestive process improving the bowels.  Take Aloe Vera Juice & about 10 hours later you will feel some relief.


3-Treats Acne…

There are hormones in the Aloe plant which help your acne by killing the bacteria causing your acne.  As it is a natural astringent (constricting the pores), it will also help to remove excess oil & dirt from your skin. Given that the excess oil is the likely culprit of your acne you would do well to use some form of Aloe on your face on a regular basis to help ward off bacterial infections.  (see our range here)

4- Lowers High Cholesterol…

Aloe Vera rebalances the blood chemistry & improves its quality lowering cholesterol & total triglycerides (in elevated levels).  If you are on statin drugs it is recommended that you consider using high doses of Aloe Vera.


5- Immune booster…

Drinking Aloe Vera Juice will provide the body with a regular supply of anti-oxidants, boosting & enhancing the immune system. Together with Honey the Anti-oxidants are natural immune enhancers that help to rid the body of free radicals within the body.


6- Regulates Weight & Energy Levels…

As mentioned in many of the items above Aloe Vera is amazingly good for your insides! It will naturally cleanse the digestive system, give all the food we eat nowadays which can cause fatigue & exhaustion cleansing your system will easily rid you of these.


7- Reduces Heart Attacks…

Enhancing the quality of your blood greatly reduces the risk of having a stroke or heart attack.  Aloe allows the blood to carry more oxygen, unsticking the ‘sticky’ blood that we build up with our diet of homogenised dairy fats, saturated animal fats, fried foods & hydrogenated oils in our daily foods.  The clumps theses foods cause slow blood flow & will ultimately get lodged in the capillaries of your system, this then blocks off the nutrients & oxygen needed for the tissues & brain cells. So, Aloes’ ‘unsticking’ of these blood clumps could very well greatly reduce your risk.


8- Enhances Skin Health…

Most of us are aware of the huge amount of Aloe Vera products out there  for our skin, that’s because it works! It soothes the skin, nourishes it & hydrates it whilst accelerating the regeneration of new skin tissue. Sounds like a miracle at work doesn’t it? Yet its been around for thousands of years! Aloe gel on the face for 10 minutes as a mask, gently wash off & see the difference! Those of you who have sensitive skin & have trouble finding a cream, here’s your answer, natural & effective!



9- Cures Gum Disease…

This is the easiest one of all! Just sprinkle some Aloe powder on your

toothbrush & brush! You will feel some relief within minutes!

10- Stops Inflammation…

One of the reasons Aloe Vera is so impressive & works so well on a lot of what I have talked about above is because of its amazing ability to stop inflammation. Used topically it will ease the inflammation of joints & reduce arthritis pain among other things.  Use internally it will reduce inflammation throughout the body from the inside out.  If you use Aloe Vera for two weeks on a regular basis you should see a significant reduction of inflammation symptoms.


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