Need more proof that honey heals?


It’s understandable that you may want more proof of the healing properties of honey & its health benefits given today’s prices. I will try & give you some idea of the research that has been carried out & its results.  I do however suggest you do your own research, maybe using the information given here, to see the full extent of the studies that have been carried out & their results.


Firstly the Maori people of New Zealand have been using the Manuka bush for hundreds of years to help heal their people! You also need to know that Dr Peter Molan heads up the honey research department in Waikato University New Zealand.

 Honey as an anti-inflammatory…

 For a sore throat a spoon full of honey taken regularly during the day will alleviate the symptoms, Dr Molan says, “ Research shows that the potent anti inflammatory activity of honey can counteract gastritis, an inflammation in the stomach, as well as stomach ulcers,” honey can soothe all manner of inflammations.

 Honey as a germ Killer…

Studies have shown us wounds heal much faster when treated with honey. The acid in the honey stops bacterial growth while its moisture attracting properties dehydrate bacterial cells. The hydrogen peroxide in honey is the same antibacterial found in bleach. Dr Molan says, “manuka honey is used in registered wound care products in some hospitals & certainly beats off the shelf antiseptic cream!”

 Honey as a cough remedy…

 In the USA state College Penn, it has been demonstrated that honey is more effective at treating a cough than over the counter medicines.  The doctor conducting the study, Dr Paul, found that, out of 105 children, those who took honey had fewer coughing fits, none of the side effects associated with traditional cough medicine & better sleep.

Honey as a cancer fighter…

Honey researcher Professor Mahitosh Mandal says “Crude honey is a promising candidate for colon cancer prevention thanks to its phenolic compounds.”

Phenols are potent antioxidants that appear to have protective effects on various types of cancers as well as rheumatoid conditions.  They are currently trialling honey in New Zealand for its effects on skin cancer, and in Israel trials have shown that Manuka Honey has alleviated the side effects of chemotherapy.

These are just some of the studies being carried out around the world on Manuka Honey at the bottom of this page of information you will find a list of articles if you wish to take your research further.


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