Cold/Flu Season ~ My favorite Remedies

We always like a good remedy


This winter has been one of the worst for me when it comes to getting ill with a cold or the flu.  With the amount of times that I’ve gotten sick, I have learned of a few go-to remedies to sooth some unpleasant symptoms that come with getting the common cold or flu.

For the general healing process:

The NUMBER ONE remedy for me is SLEEP! I know this one is tricky for the busy day to day life that one may live, but it is really important to get in as much sleep as you can! For me, I find that I am not putting my body in a strenuous or stressful situation and I am giving myself time to heal.

Secondly, drink plenty of water! Drinking water will keep your body hydrated and will also help flush the toxins out of your system.

For the runny nose:


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