Let’s Talk About Honey, Honey!

August Apiaries

Honey being filtered for packaging Honey being filtered for packaging

Liquid Gold, Heaven’s Nectar- there are many names for honey, and each of them allude to how much we love to eat it up. This sweet concoction is made by none other than our industrious honeybee! Honey is produced through a process of regurgitation and evaporation, where the bee collects pollen from plants in their local environment and consumes it. The bees then break the pollen down into simple sugars and store the regurgitated product within the hive in the honeycomb structure (also crafted by our busy bees). This is where the magic happens. Due to the unique structure of the honeycomb and the effects of the persistent movement of the bee’s wings within the hive, the product begins to evaporate. After evaporation is complete, the deliciously sweet and golden substance that remains is our beloved honey!

Now that the bees have done all the…

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