Health Benefits of honey

Health Benefits of honey

Health Benefits of honey

It’s a natural Energy booster…
The benefits of honey are remarkable and go beyond its lovely taste! It is a natural source of carbohydrates providing strength and energy when you need it and is known for its effectiveness at instantly boosting performance, endurance and reducing fatigue during exercise. The immediate energy boost honey gives you is from the glucose which is absorbed into the body quickly, while sustained energy comes from the fructose which is absorbed more slowly. Honey Is also known to keep blood sugar levels fairly constant compared to other sugars. So…

· Before your next workout try taking a spoonful of honey to help you go that extra mile.
· If your feeling a little low or lethargic in the morning don’t reach for the carbonated energy drink, try honey! You can spread it on toast, put it in your tea as a sweetener or straight from the spoon! It’ll give you a refreshing surge of energy.
· If your children are finding all they’re school activities a little tiring try making them a honey sandwich, or warm honey water in their bottles.

It builds up your Immune System…

The most impressive of honeys health benefits I think is that it is a very powerful immune system booster. Its antibacterial and antioxidant properties help improve your digestive system, fight disease and stay healthy. To see the health benefits of honey take some in the morning straight from the spoon, or make a warm honey and lemon drink, you’ll soon notice the difference.

Its Anti-Cancer!…
Honey will not cure cancer, but honey possesses carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumour properties! This means it can help with the prevention of tumours and is also known to help a lot with the side affects of chemotherapy. (read more)

It’s a natural, ready to use treatment for ailments…

Honey has been used for thousands of years for a wide range of ailments such as cuts, grazes, burns, yeast infections, and arthritis pain. The antiseptic qualities inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and helps to keep external wounds clean and free from infection. Honey is able to absorb moisture from the air to promote healing in wounds such as burns and cuts, minimising healing time, swelling, pain and even scaring.


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