One Suitcase, 4 Countries and a Honey, Lime & Cumin Roasted Chicken

Epicurean Eva

Four countries with one carry-on and a computer bag, that is what I packed for our whirlwind European tour.


Our strategy was to keep moving so nobody would notice that we were wearing the same things day after day. No divas allowed on our trip.


Our eight-hour flight was smooth as could be but neither of us could sleep so when we arrived in London, we were spacey and slightly cranky. With our few bags in hand, we sailed though customs so we were in the city in no time.

Once checked into our hotel just across from Hyde Park…


…we were so jet-lagged that we needed to keep moving even though we were tempted to curl up under the airy duvet and sleep. We enjoyed an afternoon tea with scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam – such a divine little combo the English came up with.


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