Some tips for using honey

Colour and flavour

Honey differs in colour and flavour depending on what type of blossoms the bees visit. The colour of honey can range anywhere from almost colourless to dark amber brown and its flavour can vary from delectably mild to rich and bold. As a general rule the lighter honey will have a milder taste and the darker honey a stronger taste, but this also varies.

Honey can come in forms such as liquid, whipped and comb. The liquid honey is extracted from the comb in the hive by centrifugal force, gravity or other such means. Whipped honey, otherwise known as creamed honey, is finely crystallised sot it remains creamy and spread able while the comb honey comes as it was made, in the comb.

How to store your honeyImage

The best way to store your honey is at room temperature in the kitchen. If you store your honey in the fridge it will accelerate the honey’s crystallisation, the natural process in which liquid in the honey becomes solid.

If your honey does crystallise either place it on a radiator for a while or place in a bowl of warm water – the crystals will dissolve and once fully dissolved shouldn’t come back.

Cooking tips
When you are substituting honey for sugar in recipes start with substituting up to half the sugar asked for in the recipe for honey. Its trial and error, but once right you should be able to substitute all the sugar for honey. When substituting honey in backed goods its good to remember:

  • -Reduce the liquid in the recipe by a ¼ of a cup for each cup of honey used.
  • -add approx ½ a teaspoon of baking soda for each cup of honey you use.
  • -and reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees to prevent over browning.

For easy measuring of your honey coat your measuring cup / spoon with a cooking spray or very light layer of oil beforehand.


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