Using Manuka Honey for Dogs, Horses, and other Animals

Your pets and other animals can also benefit from using the right quality manuka honey.


The same healing properties that are good for you, will also work on any animal. It is only different in terms of sometimes being a bit trickier to apply. It should be pointed out that the research has mostly focused on humans, and so it is anecdotal evidence and customer stories that support its use for your pets or other animals.
For digestive problems, one obstacle you may face is whether they accept the taste of honey. For some animals it will be fine, others not so. Generally you should also reduce the amount you give, eg only give half a teaspoon or even less, taking into account the size of animal concerned.
An area where the medical grade manuka honey works particularly well is with cuts, wounds, abscesses and similar things. Those same natural antibiotic and antiseptic properties that really help for your wound healing can also be just as effective on an animal.
However the main obstacle you will face is preventing the honey from being licked off once applied. You also don’t want a sticky mess transferring to your furniture, carpets etc if is a house pet you are treating. Applying a suitable dressing to prevent this is normally a necessity. This can be a bit tricky depending on just where the wound is, so give some thought to it before going ahead.
Even if the wound you are applying the honey to is in an area the animal can’t reach, eg near the rear end of a horse, consider if any other animals will be in contact with it. The honey won’t be able to effect its healing properties if another animal has come and licked it off.
We have had many customers successfully use a honey from us on their dogs, horses, cats, rabbits and several other types of animal. You are welcome to ask questions over any of our products, though just bear in mind that we are not vets and cannot provide advice on the medical side of things.
As for humans, any of the UMF labelled honeys will be good for internal use. For an external wound, cut, or abscess, there is a sterilised tube of the manuka honey available. Apply some direct to the wound, and some to the inside of any dressing that will be placed over top. You can view a range of genuine manukahoney to buy here. 01-05-14


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