The Bee Cause


Join us 7 May 2014

Dear Pure Manuka

We’ve done it. Nearly three years ago we set out to protect Britain’s bees. In July, we’ll have secured the nation’s first ever National Pollinator Strategy, or Bee Action Plan.Just last week I was handing in a 25,000 strong petition calling on the Bees Minister to strengthen the draft plan. That’s me in the middle with the bees.And it’s all down to you. Thank you for everything you have done for bees – signing petitions, planting wildflower seeds, telling your friends about bees, leading Bee Walks, running stalls, organising film screenings, giving money, or keeping on reading these emails and caring about bees. It all adds up.But for me it’s time for to sign off from the Bee Cause and hand over. I’m moving on to another project, but will be taking with me fond memories of the Bee Cause in action – going on a Bee Walk, sowing bee-friendly seeds, organising a van covered with petition signatures to tour Prime Minster David Cameron’s constituency.If I had to pick a favourite it would be the moment last June when the Bees Minister announced that there would indeed be a Bee Action Plan.None of this would have been possible without us working together. So thank you for everything you’ve done, and please keep it up. The Government’s consultation on its draft plan is now closed. But it’s not the end of the Bee Cause, just the end of this chapter. I hope that like me you’ll help provide bees with the shelter, food and water they need. My colleague Rachel will be telling you all about that very soon.With all best wishes, Lucy #BeeCause P.S. You can see photos from last week’s petition hand-in on our website.
Thank you for your support


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