Are you being conned??

Are you being conned??
Do you know the difference between Active and UMF?
Do you know why UMF honey is more expensive?
Are you spending your hard earned cash on fake or mislabelled honey?

We at Pure Manuka Honey will never mislead you into buying honey that isn’t what it says it is, or that plays on the fact that people are easily confused between Active and UMF rates of honey! NEVER will we take your money for something that isn’t what it appears to be!

If you read the newspaper you will have seen great big adverts for 20+ active honey at cut prices – sometimes even half price and a free prezzie to boot! Bargain you may think – think again!

Do you think the 20+ sign on the front means it has a healing UMF rating of 20+? If so, you’d be wrong! This is an active honey, pretty much the same as Sainsburys active honey, all lovely honey, but it may not be what your looking for.

In fact so interested was I to find out about how their honey is certified ‘20+ active’ I gave them a call and asked. I was told “I’m only in sales I wouldn’t know how they do any of their testing, all I know is that its tested, before its put in the bottles.”*

Really? They make so much money they can place half / full page adds in the newspapers, but not train their staff to answer the simplest – but most critical – of questions. There just there to sell.

Im not happy about this situation and will be sharing more of my finds.

time and date of call (14:26 04/07/2014)


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