Pure Manuka Honey Ltd. is a UK, family-run business committed to supplying the very best New Zealand Manuka Honey and Manuka Honey products to consumers in this country.

For years, our relatives and friends had been telling us about all the benefits of New Zealand Manuka Honey so, one day we decided to try it for ourselves. And they were right, so it seemed a natural step to bring those same products to the UK market.

With the help of those same relatives and friends, we contacted various producers in New Zealand to source what we considered to be the best products available and, as they say, the rest is history. All the honey products we market are produced and packed in New Zealand and the information and descriptions we give are as clear and honest as we can make them.

But our aim is not only to supply the best products at the keenest prices: it is also about providing a friendly and helpful service to our customers. Whilst a lot of valuable information is shown on our website, we recognise that sometimes a pleasant conversation (by phone or e-mail) is preferred. We welcome this approach and believe many of our customers do too.

We sell pure UMF Manuka Honey, active manuka honey, honey cremes, lozenges, honey cremes for problem skin and medical honey. We are here to help you keep well in the most natural way possible, please feel free to call us for a chat, or visit our website for a look at our products.

Make sure you give your immune system a boost to ward off those coughs and colds! Come visit Pue Manuka Honey – just ONE teaspoon full twice a day of our superb UMF honey is enough to stop colds even developing!!


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